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Important Details to Include in Your Business Name Card

Updated: May 4, 2023

The first thing you should do before starting to design your business card is to gather all of the necessary information. Knowing what to include and exclude aids in the creation of a card that is both attractive and balanced. This is critical because the card's modest size limits the amount of information you can include. 

When done properly, your business card reminds people of the first time you met and encourages those who are interested in your products or services to contact you or visit your website for additional information! We'll go over the crucial items to add on your business card in this article.

Here is an overview of details to send your graphic designer for your next business name card:

  1. Company name

  2. Company registration number

  3. Logo

  4. Contact number / ext number / fax number

  5. Address / Branch

  6. Company phone number

  7. General email address

  8. Company website address

  9. Name of employee

  10. Designaton

  11. Direct contact number


  1. Other subsidiary logos

  2. Products / Services

Information to Include on Your Business Card

Company Name

Give it plenty of room and prominence! It's undoubtedly the most significant piece of information on your card because it's what people will remember the most. The name of your firm should typically be the largest piece of text on your card.

Company Registration Number

As you may already know 一 a registration number is obtained by registering the business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM, or SSM in Malay abbreviation). A business registration number is a series of numbers printed on a company's certificate of incorporation and used to identify it. The registration number is often used for verification purposes in company-related procedures. Above all, it ensures that the company is legally registered in Malaysia! This will only increase client faith in you.


Your logo is a visual reflection of your business's mission and values. It encapsulates your company and serves as a memento for your clients. A logo lends credibility, professionalism, and trustworthiness to your business!

Ideally, send your logo in .ai, PDF, or a high-resolution .png file. This is to ensure clean edges when printing. Your logo should preferably work in black and white (for basic applications) and be scalable (from stamp sized reproductions all the way up to posters or banners). 

Basic Contact Details (email, mobile or company number, address)

A business card's goal is to provide people with a way to reach you, and you'll have to inform them how. But how do you decide which of your contact details to include? "Direct" is the most important concept to remember here.

On your business card, at least one contact method should be included. Most people will provide their phone number, email address, or address so that their consumers can contact them in a variety of ways.

If you have a physical location, including your address is essential for increasing foot traffic. You can leave it out if you work digitally or on site to conserve space. The most important information is your phone number and email address, as this is how the majority of people will contact you.

Company Website or Social Media

Many businesses nowadays include their website URL on their business cards, and for good reason. After all, website URLs are short and basic, making them ideal for squeezing into your tiny business card!

If your organisation uses social media pages for marketing, including them is a smart idea as well. In many circumstances, a simple Instagram or Facebook logo with your company name will suffice.

Employee's Name, Designation, Phone Number

The employee’s name, whether it's their entire name or a nickname, should appear on every business card. Introduce yourself as you prefer to be called to avoid awkward re-introductions later. The contact person will be the one that people will speak with if they contact your firm via a business card.

You should also add your title and role on your business card. This will help people recognise your role inside the firm and will also encourage trust! This is a great memory refresher. Some people are more likely to remember you for your field of expertise than for your name.

You can begin designing your ideal business card as soon as you have all of the aforementioned information. Contact us today at 012-767 0061 to know more about our variety of fantastic business card types!

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